Getting started


You can get the Kronos package from PyPi. You can also clone it from GitHub repository.


You need to have the following dependencies installed:

Program/package Version
python 2.7.*
ruffus 2.4.1
PyYaml 3.11
drmaa-python 0.7.6

where drmaa-python is optional and you will need to install it only if you want to use -b drmaa when running a workflow on a cluster.


PyYaml and ruffus are installed as dependencies when installing Kronos. So, you would only need to install drmaa-python.


You can install Kronos using pip:

pip install kronos-pipeliner

or upgrade it by:

pip install --upgrade kronos-pipeliner


For a quick start, without having to go through all the details, you can directly refer to Quick tutorial.